Corporate Wellness

We provide evidence-based nutrition focused wellness education for employers and employees.   Reducing personal and company healthcare costs helps improve quality of life and productivity.  Our programs are personalized for your specific employee needs and include options such as weight loss and healthy eating programs, in-depth one on one nutrition counseling and Lunch n’ Learns highlighting hot topics.

Interactive Lunch n’ Learns

Group classes are a convenient and cost-effective way to reach a large number of employees. Classes bring employees together and help them support each other in making healthier choices.  Credentialed health experts lead interactive classes addressing a variety of health and wellness topics ranging from nutrition, exercise, and stress management with an emphasis on simple lifestyle changes.  Choose from our list of sample topics below or request a customized presentation created to meet your company’s specific needs.

  • Eating Right on the Run
  • Debunking Diet Myths
  • Dining Out: Surviving in the Fast Food Lane
  • Healthy Cooking: Boosting Flavor & Cutting Calories
  • Fitting Fitness Into Your Busy Day
  • Coping with Stress: Finding Your Work-Life Balance

Disease Management & Prevention Programs

As the leading cause of death in U.S., more than one in four Americans suffer from heart disease while more than 25 million suffer from diabetes.  More than half of all Americans suffer from one or more chronic diseases.  These conditions not only impact the lives of employees, but they impact company health care costs, absenteeism rates and are a major cause of lost productivity.  Although chronic diseases are among the most common and costly health problems, they are also among the most preventable and most can be effectively controlled with the right interventions.


Disease Prevention & Management Programs are a series of four classes designed for high risk employees that focus on lifestyle management to improve or prevent chronic disease conditions. In these comprehensive classes, participants learn skills to take control of their health condition and improve their quality of life.

  • Diabetes Prevention & Management Series (4 sessions)
  • Heart Disease Prevention & Management Series (4 sessions)

Interactive Supermarket Tours

On average, modern grocery stores can range in size from 20,000sqft to over 65,000 sqft, offering consumers between 15,000 to over 60,000 different products! With that many options, it’s no wonder that consumers remain frustrated and confused when it comes to shopping for healthy products without spending a fortune.  One of our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists guides employees through these product jungles, adventuring down the aisles of a local grocery store teaching employees how to make healthier choices, decipher food labels, and plan budget friendly meals.  Each employee will be provided with a healthy grocery list and menu planner.

Cooking Made Simple Classes

Our “Cooking Made Simple” classes empower employees with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to prepare healthy and affordable meals.  These cooking classes teach participants how to select nutritious, low-cost ingredients and prepare delicious, budget friendly meals for themselves and their families.  There are multiple curriculums available and each class focuses on a theme such as heart healthy, cutting fat and healthy snacking.  At the end of each class participants take home a grocery bag of ingredients along with the recipe in order to practice their skills at home and share a nourishing meal with their families.

Sample Topics:
Cooking Lean & Low Fat
Eat Your Heart Out: Heart Healthy Cooking
Budget Friendly Meals
MyPlate Meal Planning
Quick & Healthy Meals for On-the-Go
Carb Control

Dining Out with a Dietitian

Making healthy choices at restaurants can often be a real challenge.  For this class, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist will accompany employees on a “field trip” to their favorite local restaurant where they will learn how to analyze menus, pick out key menu words, and make healthier choices while dining out.  This session includes an interactive lecture at the restaurant facilitated by a dietitian along with dining out resource materials to reinforce making healthier choices at any restaurant.  This class provides the opportunity for employees to practice their ordering skills first hand, enabling them to make healthier choices with personalized guidance.

Live Well! Program

Live Well! is a 12 week comprehensive wellness program that combines balanced nutrition, physical activity, and behavior modification.  Through a series of weekly interactive and engaging classes, employees learn how to make educated food choices, set realistic goals, and overcome challenges to making sustainable lifestyle changes.  Program highlights:

  • Employee interest and health needs survey to customize program activities
  • Interactive group classes taught by experts in nutrition, exercise, and health behavior
  • Body composition analysis and tracking
  • Midway one-on-one session with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Personalized coaching & ongoing support from health experts
  • Results tracking and feedback evaluation
  • Opportunities for employees to share their experiences and keep one another motivated toward making healthy lifestyle changes

Nutrition & Wellness Event Booth

We provide interactive table displays with engaging themes to capture attention and increase awareness of nutrition and health hot topics.  A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist will be present to provide education and offer individualized nutrition tips to employees with more serious health concerns including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension.

Corporate House Calls

We provide individualized one on one counseling sessions to address specific nutrition related health concerns such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome, cardiac and cholesterol problems, metabolic and gastrointestinal disorders.

House Calls allow employees to reduce time and productivity lost by driving to and from medical appointments. By holding one-on-one Nutrition Counseling sessions in a private conference room in your office space we help to increase productivity in the near term and promote healthy lifestyles for the long term.

Cafeteria Consulting

Give your employees the knowledge they need to make healthy choices. Displaying nutritional information for cafeteria items at the point of purchase gives them the chance to select healthier options. We provide nutritional analysis of menu items, food service staff education, and recipe modification to meet health claims such as heart healthy or diabetes friendly.

Group Wellness Challenges

Who doesn’t love a little bit of HEALTHY competition?  Wellness challenges are a fun and easy way to engage employees in your workplace health initiatives.  Employees earn points for completing various activities and participating in events.  Group challenges give employees the opportunity to share their experiences and keep one another motivated toward making healthy behavior changes.  Choose from one of our pre-designed challenges or tell us your needs and we can design a customized challenge tailored to the health needs and interests of your employees while staying within your budget.  Many employers choose to incentive these challenges with small prizes such as movie tickets, a company sponsored lunch, or a free day off of work.

Client List

  • Cinemark USA, Inc.
  • Nokia Inc.
  • Devon Energy Corporation
  • Bridgeport Tank Trucks
  • Desk and Derrick Club of Wise County
  • Pitney Bowes Inc.
  • Rainwater Inc.
  • Lufthasna Airlines
  • Junior Women’s Club
  • Hunt Oil Co.
  • Mama’s Pizza
  • Sole Mates Running Group
  • Aspen Healthcare
  • Omega Home Health
  • Texas Family Care
  • Protenium Clinical Research


“With Urban Nutrition, you get a polished and professional service tempered with a down-to-earth approach that all levels of employees can understand and relate to.”
– Ashley Smalley, Benefits Manager, Bridgeport Tank Trucks


“The presentation, “Eating Right on the Go,” was informative and reassuring.  I can still go to my favorite fast food restaurants, but now when I order I tell myself not to order by number.  Instead, I save a couple hundred calories by taking out the fries.”
– Lindsay Foster, Administrative Assistant, Cinemark USA, Inc.


“[The dietitian’s] expert advise to our group was enlightening!  The information presented helped us understand our protein, carbohydrate, and fat balance to meet our weight-loss goals. She taught us that it’s okay to ask for substitutions or special requests.”
– Valerie Belloma, Region Leader, Cinemark USA, Inc.


“Professional and knowledgeable staff. Provides a great display of materials to both attract & educate users.”
-Susan Harper, Program Manager, Bishop-McCann