How to Eat Right on the Run!

Always in a hurry and on the go?  Do you find yourself frequenting the vending machine at work and making poor choices at fast food restaurants throughout the work week?  If you answered yes to the above challenges, you are not alone!  Many times we end up making poor food choices because we neglected to plan ahead.  Planning in the key to success in life as well as eating right and living well!  Try these tips to be successful in eating healthier if you are always in a rush:

  • Spend some time the night before packing your lunch for the next day.  You can even pack dinner leftovers to save even more time!
  • Include healthy snacks in your lunch cooler to avoid trips to the vending machine. Stress eating management tip:  only pack enough snacks for one day.  Think of it this way, if you find yourself under stress at work and you have a desk drawer full of snacks, even if they’re healthy snacks, sometimes we reach for food to cope with stress.  You might end up grazing or ‘mindless eating’ when you read that stressful email or when you’re boss gives you that unrealistic deadline for a project.
  • Do you pack your lunch but forget to bring it?  Here’s a story from one of the employees participating in our Live Well work site wellness program:  one of our employees set the goal during his one-on-one session with the Registered Dietitian of packing his lunch every day to cut back on eating out however was struggling to remember to bring it with him to work.  So we had him mentally walk through his morning routine from the point he woke up to the time he walked through the garage door to leave for work.  We discovered that his last stop on the way out the door was to pick up his keys on a table by the door.  So we had him place a sticky note on the table beside the door that read, “DON’T FORGET LUNCH!”  Guess what?  It worked!!  Sometimes when we’re forming new habits we need visual cues to remind ourselves of the new habit we are working toward.  Reminder notes are a great way to cue yourself…whether it’s posting reminders on your fridge, bathroom mirror, or door.  Give it a try!


Need ideas for healthy snacks to pack to work?  Gourmet Garden Herbs & Spices was nice enough to send us insulated lunch coolers for the employees enrolled in our corporate wellness program, Live Well!  We filled them with these healthy, portion controlled snacks and gave them out to employees during one of the group classes.  Now employees have no more excuses for not being able to pack healthy foods for on the go!  What are your favorite healthy snacks to pack when you’re on the go?

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