Bariatric Foods to Pack When Travelling Abroad

So one of our bariatric weight loss surgery patients who is nine months post-op emailed us today asking what foods to pack for a trip he is taking to a foreign country for a week.  Since this is a common question among our weight loss surgery patients, we thought we would blog on this topic to share our tips with everyone.  Travelling after surgery, especially in the first year after surgery can present some unique challenges since this is the time when patients are still getting comfortable with what the pouch can and cannot tolerate.  Travelling to a foreign country can be even more challenging.  Planning ahead is cruical!  Since foods to pack will vary depending on what stage of the post-op diet you are following, we decided to include a list from each of the stages.  Be sure to check ahead of time with the airlines as to the foods you plan to bring as their are strict guidelines on travelling with foods internationally. 

Full Liquids/Blended Foods Stage*

  • Protein shakes (ready to drink and/or powdered).  Pack a vareity of flavors in case you get tired of drinking the same flavor.
  • Individual servings of applesauce or other pureed fruits
  • Ready to serve microwavable canned soups that are blended (ie., Campbells Classic Tomato Bowls)
  •  Low-fat blended cottage cheese, yogurt or skim/soymilk if you are travelling with a cooler
  • Zero calorie flavored drink mixes (ie., Crystal Light or Mio)

Soft/Regular Diet Stage* 

  • Everything listed above plus:
  • Protein bars
  • Oatmeal/grits packets
  • Canned fruits packed in it’s own juice
  • Soft fruits such as bananas or individual applesauce servings
  • Peanut butter crackers
  • Canned chicken or tuna packed in water (look for low sodium varieties)
  • Whole grain crackers (>5 grams fiber/servings)

*Always check in with your bariatric surgeon or dietitian for specific guidelines on post-operative dietary progression and recommended food choices. 

Bon Voyage!

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